Procedural Steps

The LEVEL5 evaluation approach is organised in a standardised procedure consisting of 5 stages:

1.    Micro Project Description

  • Describing the basic properties of the informal learning project in a preformatted pattern

2.    Selecting topics

  • Selecting relevant learning topics from an open inventory

3.    Establishing an individualised reference system

  • Developing an individual reference system on the basis of a 3-dimensional (cognitive, affective, activity related) rating system with five individualised stages

4.    Assessment

  • An evaluation toolbox is offered as help tool for stakeholders from the field.

5.    Rating/Documenting/Visualisation

  • Inserting the ratings in the individualised reference system and displayed in a 3-dimensional evidencing system
  • The ratings will be substantiated and documented in the software
  • Results may be recorded internally and/or connected with learners’ certificates