Die Berater

Judith Galla
Holger Bienzle

Die Berater (translated - the councellors) is a private company founded in 1998, which employs around 400 staff members, who work in more than 50 locations all over Austria in the fields of education and training, coaching and counselling, consultancy, outplacement and EU projects.

Die Berater offer educational seminars and training courses for individuals, organisations and enterprises from soft skills to languages and information technologies. Their main aims are to motivate and qualify customers to make full use of their potentials in the economy, at the labour market and in their personal lives.

Around 15.000 people participate in die Berater's programmes every year- many of them in job orientation and vocational qualification programmes delivered for the Austrian labour market service. Contents and methodologies, including blended learning, are tailor-made according to the needs of the customers.
In die Berater's corporate culture fair play, respect tolerance and social responsibility are central values.

Die Berater contribute to VILMA with their wide experience in a number of European projects in diverse funding programmes. They have been successfully working on the topic of networking and will be leading partner for the valorization of the VILMA outcomes.


Wipplingerstrasse 32
1010 Vienna