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Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is a state cultural centre, conference and seminar centre, is part of the Ministry of Culture, Art & Heritage agency, and is based in a historic castle with a historic European mission. The centre organises and runs national and international courses, seminars and conferences and in-service training days for teachers and trainers on European issues, self-evaluation, international project management, networking and on European citizenship issues for adults and adult learners. The Centre has coordinated a number of Socrates projects and a Comenius 3 network, dealing with subjects that are very relevant for the present LLP project application: on quality care & self-evaluation: MICE-T: Model Instruments for a Common Evaluation -Teacher Training, a COMENIUS 2 project on self-evaluation of Comenius school partnerships, I-PROBE NET:  NETwork on self-evaluation at school, COMENIUS 3 thematic network and SEALLL: Self Evaluation in Adult Life Long Learning.
Alden Biesen has a profound experience in self-evaluation and was coordinator of the very successful SEALLL project on evaluation in adult learning projects. It will be the leading partner for the dissemination.


Landcommanderij Alden Biesen
Kastelstraat 6
B- 3740 Bilzen