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BELIES provides studies, strategic advise and evaluation services to European institutions and organizations working in the social field, primarily in the education and cultural sectors since 2006. One of its specializations is EU education policy, including the mobility strategy.

BELIES brings together collective experience of independent multinational and multilingual experts in EU affairs and non-profit sectoral fields from academia, consultancy and practice. It also participates in European projects that are in line with its mission, such as developing innovative evaluation methodologies, or researching on cooperation modes such as networks.

BELIES contributes to VILMA with a sound experience in evaluation of EU programmes, projects and networks in the areas of education, social inclusion, youth and culture. Through its professional work in Barcelona, as well as in Brussels BELIES is connected to a broad number of non-profit organisations, EU networks and EU officials, with specific interest in the learning mobility field. In VILMA  it has the lead for the evaluation of the project.


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