XENA - Centro Scambi e Dinamiche Interculturali

Contact Persons

Paola Pertegato (coord@xena.it)
Silvia Liponi (stagexena@xena.it)

Xena – the Centro Scambi e Dinamiche Interculturali - is a non-profit association for social promotion; since 1995 active in intercultural and non-formal education, vocational training, the promotion of active citizenship, local and international projects, mainly in EU programmes, like Youth in Action or the European Voluntary Service, having conducted activities also beyond the EU, e.g. in Caucasus, Latin American and African countries.
In the LLP programme XENA conducts Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects and Grundtvig actions. Beyond that it promotes informal transnational mobility with adults, including elderly people and is member of the Eurodesk network for 10 years.

In VILMA XENA is the lead partner for the finalisation of the VILMA products.


Via Citolo da Perugia 35
35138 Padova