Validation of Informal Learning in Mobility Actions

In recent years mobility has become a key issue in the European Union. Being mobile is of high value, individually as well as politically, fostering the European cohesion and contributing to the competiveness of the European Union. Thus frames and objectives of initiatives to promote mobility have a wide range. 

But what is concretely to be gained through mobility for the individual?

The aim of the 24 months VILMA project is to assess and evidence the development of competences by participating in transnational mobility actions.

On this website you may find information on the project and about VILMA project partners. You will learn more about the utilsed validation system "LEVEL5" created specifically to evaluate outcomes of informal and non-formal learning.

From here you may access our interactive area containing online questionnaires and outcomes as well as a help desk and the internal communication instruments.

Project outcomes will be presented as well as information on the developed course and seminar offers for mobility providers.