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INSUP FORMATION, a non-profit training leader in South West France, aims at the social and vocational qualification of unemployed people aged 18+.
In addition to a variety of training courses, INSUP has set up a department to promote mobility within the EU as sending and receiving institution, providing training and support to learners on exchange programmes (Leonardo and Erasmus trainees and professionals, Grundtvig; cross-border regional exchanges).

INSUP manages all aspects of mobility projects: accommodation, local transport, intensive language courses, a socio-cultural programme, work placements in local enterprises, assistance to the trainees to ensure maximum quality, positive impact and employability. The experience acquired on mobility projects entitles INSUP to participate in this project, using its practice of certification and evaluation of the impact of mobility to consider a less academic, yet essential aspect: the evaluation of non formal skills.
In VILMA INSUP is leading partner for the piloting of the validation methodology.


37 rue Labottière        
33000 Bordeaux