VILMA Pilot Projects

In most of the (informal learning) cases it is evident that responsible persons evaluate “their” target groups in an auto-evaluation process since external evaluators often don’t even get access to the target groups.
The project partners partly take a consulting role in the learning projects and collect information on how the responsible persons in the projects carry out the central evaluation steps keeping in mind basic quality criteria and record their experiences. They care for the validity of the informal learning process in the selected projects and transfer the experiences into acting recommendations. The whole process was accompanied scientifically.
The core instruments applied in the approach:

  • inventories,
  • reference system,
  • assessment tool-box and
  • evidencing system (including the web-based software and paper-based (offline) descriptive patterns)

have been discussed and adopted by the partners during the transnational meetings, online conferences and the training course in Alden Biesen.
The impact evaluation will be carried out on the basis of a preformatted questionnaire and a quantitative report, based on a set of preformatted interview questions relating to feasibility and usability.

In the annex the first descriptions of the partner pilots can be retrieved.