The new Programme: ERASMUS+

well, well, well...

The new programme is out:

It is not:

!Erasmus for all!, "YES", "YES for all", "Angela for all"...

It will be called: ERASMUS+

We already knew that it will have a plus of funds for education and training, however, there were severe threats that especially the AE sector would have been disadvantaged.

We wanted to find out what it means for the new funding period, especially for the learning groups outside formal education - which is the AE (Adult Education) and the YiA (Youth in Action) sector.

In the following we provide you with a list of links to publications and information on the new programme. There were serious disagreements between the Commission and the Parliament and we would like to provide you with some details and useful media on the decision process and what it means for the future of the EU funded Educational Sector.

On the left side of this page you will find the links, videos and some background materials to download.